• Every brand has a story.

    We are creating a better community by connecting local brands & shoppers.

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  • What We Do

    Online / Physical Store

    Indie Brands Platform

    An online platform is not enough, how about supplementing an offline store? We are creating a new global shopping experience which containing awareness and experience.

    Brand Lift

    Make indie brands shine!

    We believe that every brand has a story people want to hear. We are here to make you shine.

    Business Analysis

    Make your plan smarter!​

    There is always room for improvement, we support your growth by providing intelligence thru business analysis & customer insights.

    Customer Engagement

    We build brand loyalty.

    To understanding our customer and maintaining good relationships.

    Customer Service

    We are a good listener.

    We value feedback as a tour for growth by providing after purchase service & managing customer enquires.


    Stress free from pick to pack. ​

    We provide supply chain management from storage to delivery.

  • Connected Story

    We create a two-way street in connecting local consumers and businesses.


    Why not give an indie brand a go?​

    There are few retailers dominating the industry. We are struggling with lack of choices as one brand never fit everyone. At NOVA, you are able to reach different indie brands and explore what their product means to them. If you are looking for something unique or want to know the story behind the designers, why not give an indie brand a go?

    Indie/ Upcoming Brands/ Designers/ KOLs

    It's about stronger relationships and deeper understanding of your customers.

    Indie brands always struggle with marketing cost, awareness, and how to deliver the right reputation to customers. At NOVA, we are here to improve your brand position with marketing strategies, business analysis and a better understanding of the customer. You are not alone.

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